• Welcome to the 2019 North Country Fair Volunteer Application Page

    41st NCF June 21-23 2019
  • If you have any questions about this form or about volunteering at NCF please contact: ncfvolunteers@gmail.com

  • New Volunteers

    There are several crews that you can volunteer on, here is some info about them.

    Access/Check in: Where the stars, volunteers, guests and family members come to be greeted, banded, and adored! If you’re organized and like to help problem solve, this is a spot for you!

    Children's Area: NCF is a family friendly place! The children's area is a spot near the kids stage where kids and parents alike can chill out, get out of the sun and play around with games and crafts.

    Enviro: Every festival puts a tremendous strain on the environment it is held in. As stewards of this land, we put a tremendous amount of people-power into making sure that NO garbage is left behind. This involves recycling bottles, picking up trash and making frequent stops to the kitchen to ensure that everything is getting composted. If you would like to make some hours AFTER the festival, check out takedown.

    First Aid: Members of the first aid crew are asked to have their EMR or higher, and be willing to work a 12 hour stretch.

    Hospitality: KITCHEN CREW! The heart of the home is often times the heart of the festival as well. There are many hours available here AND you get to work indoors.

    Living Room: The livingroom is an area near the back camping section that exists to look after those who might have gotten lost or had a bit too much fun partying. Volunteers here must have valid up to date first aid.

    Lock up: Lock up, or as they are affectionately know, Schleppers, take care of all of the instruments. Shifts run through the night on festival nights.

    Main Stage: 12+ super volunteers, 30 hours of volunteering required per volunteer Volunteer Requirements: Ability to read and understand a diverse range of stage plots. Understanding of DMX cord connections and how a D.I box operates. Team player, team oriented, calm and focused. Able to work in a fast paced environment. Proper footwear and work attire (shoes/boots, and black or white clothing).

    Take Down: Take Down crew helps tear down and make sure that everything is all back to a clean slate after the fair. You can enjoy the whole festival and get your hours done AFTER the Festival. Some collateral is needed to secure your ticket before your hours are completed.

    Traffic and Welcoming: Welcomes everyone into the festival, directs traffic and takes tickets.

    Security Gatekeepers: Main Festival Security is handled by professionals. HOWEVER- During Fair we still need people to man the gates and check wristbands and be on radio in case of emergency.

  • Returning Volunteers

    What Crew were you on? If you aren't sure what crew, look for your coordinators name.
  • If you have any questions about this form or about volunteering at NCF please contact: ncfvolunteers@gmail.com