Incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta on June 26th 1980, The objects of the Association include:

•Provide musical, dramatic and other entertainment.
•Use Association lands, buildings and infrastructure for the good of the community.
•Promote organic gardening and responsible sustainable agriculture.
•Demonstrate and promote the use of alternate energy systems
•Encourage responsible economic development in the Lesser Slave Lake area.
• Help meet the social, educational, and recreational needs of the Association and surrounding community.
• Help foster respect for self, family, community and Earth.
• Help foster opportunities for volunteer involvement.
• Promote and encourage appreciation of the northern boreal forest.

The membership of the LSLNCCA is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds who have come together to work towards common goals. Projects operated under the auspices of the Association include The North Country Fair, The North Country School, The Land, and the Driftpile River Riparian Project.

Drift Pile River

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