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(Cash Only at the gate – We Do NOT Accept Debit/Credit At The Gate)
Camping During Festival from Friday June 17 to Noon Monday June 19 is included in the Ticket Price. PRE- FESTIVAL CAMPING IS $5.00 Per Day Per Ticket Holder. Public access begins wednesday at 18:00.
If you have ticket questions please contact ncftickets at live.ca
Advance Ticket Pricing Only Until June 1 2016
Tickets are available at Earth's General Store in Edmonton and Online here.

This year's Sunday gate sales will be donated to The Children's Resource Council in High Prairie and the Sangudo Community School music program.

Adult Weekend Pass $140.00

Youth (13 - 17) Weekend Pass $80.00

Tickets get mailed in batches so expect delays of a couple of weeks sometimes.
Contact Tickets if you have questions.
Tickets are also available at Earth's General Store in Edmonton
Advanced Pricing Available Only Until June 1, 2016

Advance Pricing Until June 1 At the gate
Weekend Pass
At the gate Saturday


Adult $140 Adult $180 Adult $120 Adult $40
Youth $80 Youth $120 Youth $60 Youth $10
12 Years & Under Free Free Free Free
65 Years & Over Free Free Free Free

For the safety of all, Pets are not allowed on the Fair Grounds or in the camping area.
If you arrive with a pet you will be turned away at the gate and will have to find alternate accommodations.
Check with the near-by Kennels for dog accommodations
•Luvemal Kennels 780 775 3607 1km west of Kinuso, 20 min from Land. Limited space. Must pre- book.
•Paw Prints & Company Cell: 780-805-2434 http://pawprintsandcompany.weebly.com/ Faust, 15 min from land Must pre-book
·Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. ·We encourage Live music only. ·Please, no boom box, loud car stereo. ·Alcohol is subject to search and seizure outside camping area on the Fair Grounds. ·Be sensible. Drink responsibly. ·Fireworks are very pretty but also dangerous. Do not bring them to our Fair. ·Failure to comply with guidelines may result in ejection from The Fair.