Closed 2017 North Country Fair Food Vendor Application Closed

The North Country Fair (NCF) 2017 is accepting applications from food vendors for the 39th Annual fair taking place June 23-25th at our land south of Driftpile, AB. See Map



We accept payment in Cheque or Money Orders.
Please make payable to North Country Fair

Application is subject to Vendor Coordinator approval. We highly discourage menu duplications in order to offer NCF patrons a variety of dining choices and jury our vendors with that in mind. Due to the large number of applications for our 12 available spots, we are unable to accept all applicants but thank you for considering us in your plans.

Vendor applications will be open until April 1st. Chosen applicants will be notified by April 7th, 2017.
Upon acceptance, vendors must have their fees into the coordinator by May 1st.

After May 1st unpaid vendor spots will open to the waiting list of unchosen vendors.

Each vendor agrees to the fee of $600.00 for food booth set up at the 2017 North Country Fair (NCF) June 23-25 , 2017.

New vendors will be asked for an additional Environmental Deposit of $150.00. This will be required as a separate cheque and must be received with the site fee by May 1, 2017. This deposit will be refunded upon adherence to NCF environmental rules and regulations and site inspection at the end of the Fair. (“If you brought it in….take it out.”)

Vendors must arrive on site prior to 11pm Thursday June 23.. Coordinator will be on site by noon on Thursday June 23. No vendors will be permitted to set up prior to coordinator arrival and site designation. Please advise Coordinator of your arrival plans.

Vendors must have all required paperwork submitted for approval to the Peace Country Health Department 2 weeks prior to the 2017 NCF. Vendor operation at the Fair is subject to approval and compliance with Peace Country Health Department regulations and inspection

Upon arrival, Vendors will be set up and ready for Peace Country Health Department final inspection by Friday at 12:00pm (noon). Vending of any food product may not commence prior to Peace Country Health Department inspection and approval. Failure to comply and gain approval will result in Vendors being removed from the fairgrounds and any and all fees paid will not be refunded.

Hours of operation and site location are at the discretion of the Vendor Coordinator. Sites will be allocated upon arrival. Please tell volunteers on the road to radio Coordinator (Valda) upon arrival and await instructions for entry.

Included with the site fees are three (3) staff passes. Additional passes of up to two (2) may be purchased at the discounted price of $50/each for a total of up to five (5) passes. Any more must be bought at full gate price. Please advise the Coordinator of your needs . These passes include camping privileges for the duration of the Fair.

Hours of operation will be at the NCF discretion. Vendors are expected to serve from noon (or earlier) until at least 11pm on Friday & Saturday. Sunday service is until late afternoon.

Vendors should anticipate serving up to 2000 portions over the course of the festival. Vendors who run out of food and/or leave site before 5pm Sunday, will not receive their deposits back.

Electrical usage may be limited as we are running partially on solar and from grid. Generators may be permitted by some vendors as long as they are quiet.(*shhh*) and will be at the discretion of the Coordinator. Low voltage LED lights are highly recommended.

Potable water is supplied via taps run off a gravity fed water tank shared by all food vendors and the Fair Hospitality area. Please try not to waste this limited resource we have delivered for your usage.

Gray water must be transferred to the grey water holding tanks supplied. Any Grey water spilled on site is the responsibility of the Vendor to clean up and may be subject to additional clean up charges. Vendors will be given compost buckets for compostable materials that will be picked up by our Enviro Volunteer Crew. We ask you use of compostable serving containers or utensils. Paper wood etc.
Plastic and Styrofoam containers are not allowed please!

All other waste including cardboard must be taken to the Enviro Compound area. Please do not leave large mounds of garbage at your site during the Fair or for our volunteers to pick up at the end of the festival. We are a home to many forms of wildlife including BEARS!

Vehicles not attached to facilities must be parked in designated day parking area. Vendor row is a walk only area after Friday noon. Vendors needing to make supply runs will be required to leave vehicles in Day Parking.

“Fair Behavior” as listed in the program will be modeled by all vendors. Pets are not welcome.

By making application as a Food Vendor it is assumed that you agree and understand the above Terms and Conditions.

There will be no refund of vendor site fee after May 1, 2017 should you need to cancel.
Please submit application and fees to North Country Fair by mail or delivery to:

Valda Roberts 
11434 94 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5G 1H4

For further information, please contact Valda by e-mail or phone:
phone: 780-479-8234  cell: 780-340-8234

Name Product description, other info you may want us to know
Company name:  Street Address
City Postal Code/Zip
Phone Area Code Phone We have a Generator
do you need. (Say none if you have your own power)
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Vendor Site Fees $600
Quantity at $600.00 Each
$150 Refundable Enviro Deposit Cheque is required in addition to Site fee.
Additional Pass (Max 2) Quantity(Max 2) at $50.00 Each
Order Total